A simple nutritious dish full of antioxidants
Effectively Chinese calamari
Jumbo shrimp deliciously fried so you can eat it whole
"Just finish them, mussels don't make you full" - Aunt Kim
Simple, easy, and classic
Deliciously sweet with a flare for crispy. The key is to maximize the outer crispiness to inner softness ratio.
A simple classic dish you can make every day
A delicious rich and creamy broth, made from just 2 simple ingredients
🍜 Bringing the food of Fuzhou to your kitchen
Lychee Pork, 栛枝肉 "Where's the Lychee?" - Ray Ingredients 1 lb Pork shoulder or loin (no fat or skin) 1 Taro (can be replaced with potato or sweet…
Beef Tripe with Black Bean Sauce, 豆豉牛百叶 "Just let me do this one" - Uncle Eddy Ingredients Black Beans in Oil You can also buy dried preserved black…
Deep-Fried Calamari, 炒尤鱼圈 "You can deep-fry anything" Ingredients Squid Rings Frying oil Egg white Cornstarch Flour Baking soda Salt Water Oil Cooking…